ISACA & ISACA-Roma AIEA (Associazione Italiana I.S. Auditors)
'ISA-OnLine' COBIT - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology
IIA - Institute of Internal Auditor AIIA - Associazione Italiana Internal Auditors
ISC2-CISSP  homepage ISSA - Information Systems Security Association
MIS Training Institute Security Management & Guidance
(CSRC publications, library)
'White Papers' del CLUSIT 
(Assoc. It. per la Sic. Inform. - Dip. di Informatica e Comunic. Univ. di Milano)
Articoli, Newsletter & Convegni-Seminari (CLUSIT)
DARPA (search web) CERT/CC
('computer emergency response team' coord. center at CMI - Carnegie Mellon Univ., U.S.A.)
NIST - 'National (U.S.) Institute of Standards & Tech.' - Computer Security Resource Center The National Security Agency (U.S.)
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office ICSA  (Intl. Computer Security Assoc.)
queries on Security at "ancestral" - 
'Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library'
'Secure Internet Programming'
(Princeton Univ., U.S.)
Computer & Network Security Group
(Politecnico di Torino, It.)
Security Lab. Papers & Seminars & Projects
(c/o Univ. of Calif. Davis, U.S.)
'Security-Focus' Lincoln Stein's HomePage
('Genome Pj' info sec. master)
RSA (public key) SUN (java security)
Crittografia e Auditing: l´importanza dei sistemi di crittografia per l´IS Auditor Technical Cryptographic Terms Explained
Cryptography & Security (a cura di R.L. Rivest) Quantum Cryptography Tutorial
(Dartmouth Univ., U.S.)
Quantum Cryptography (introduction) Quantum Cryptoanalysis (introduction)
'Simulating Cyber Attacks, Defenses, and Consequences' 'A Preliminary Classification Scheme for Information System Threats, Attacks, and Defenses...'
Biometrics Setting up a CA using free software
I protocolli SSL e SHTTP
(a cura di Univ. di Firenze, It.)
SHTTP overview
(+ A. Shostack hp link
WWW security FAQ (a cura di 3WC) Kerberos & Co (MIT edu)
IETF - Security Area 'The risks of key recovery, key escrow & trusted third party encription'
(a cura di 'Center for Democracy & Technology')
CIS - 'Center for Internet Security' Public Key Infrastructure (NIST)
le 20 vulnerabilità più critiche per la Sicurezza in Internet SmartCards (a cura di 'PC/SC Workgroup')
'InterLex' 'Privacy' (sito italiano)
Internet safe contents (a cura di ISPO)
Sic. dei Sistemi Informatici (a cura di UniPi) Sicurezza Informatica 
(documentazione a cura di 'Securteam')
AICQ (Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità) FREE HELP for ISO 9000:2000
Total Quality Management, Customer Satisfaction
'Political Artifacts and Personal Privacy : . . .
(MIT PhD thesis, 1999)
'Security of Identity through Knowledge
(MIT edu)
10th Intl. WWW Conference Proceedings :
'Access Control & Security'
10th Intl. WWW Conf. Proceedings :
'E-Commerce, Security, and Scalability'
11th Intl. WWW Conf. Proc. :
'Workflow for Interactive Internet Applications'
12th Intl. WWW Conf. Proc. :
'Web Application Security Assessment by Fault Injection and Behavior Monitoring'


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